Meet Libby

Owner of Mindshift Consultancy
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Libby Morley is an Independent Occupational Health Practitioner, Workplace Wellbeing Specialist and experienced trainer in Stress & Mental Health - related topics. She qualified as a Registered General Nurse at Nottingham University Hospital in 1991 and now combines her working knowledge of HR and H&S with evidence-based mental health-related training across many business sectors. She is the owner of Mindshift Consultancy and an Associate Trainer for Mental Health First Aid England, the Princes Trust and Homeless Link. Libby is also a member of the Society of Occupational Medicine and the Royal Society for Public Health.

Libby is passionate about reducing the negative stigmatising attitudes that remain around mental ill-health and a firm believer in workplaces providing a proactive and supportive culture around this subject.

Skills & Achievements
Scholarship nominee and Distinction awarded for MSc in Workplace Health and Wellbeing.
Regular speaker at wellbeing-related conferences.
Certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Stress, Counselling and Suicide Intervention Skills.
Jointly updated the chapter on mental health in Greta Thornbory’s book, Contemporary Occupational Health Nursing.

Meet Jane

Associate Occupational Health Practitioner at Mindshift Consultancy
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Jane Avis is an Independent Occupational Health Practitioner, having been a Registered General Nurse for 34 years. She qualified in London in 1988 and worked in a variety of clinical settings, including the NHS, the private sector and for 5 years abroad in Oman. She began her Occupational Health career in 2006 at Heathrow Airport where she developed an interest in workplace health, safety and wellbeing, and travel medicine – leading on to training in the Travel Health Foundation at The Royal College of Physicians in Glasgow. This then led to 7 years as the Senior Staff Health Advisor for a large, multinational Humanitarian NGO – with responsibilities for the health and safety of employees both in the UK and those responding to global Humanitarian crises. She travelled widely within this role, including visiting Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010, instigated multiple policies, processes and initiatives. Jane has in- depth knowledge of multiple sectors including the NHS, corporate environments, frontline emergency services , teachers, councils and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

Jane, akin to Libby is passionate about reducing stigma, raising awareness and strongly believes that ‘good work is good for us.

Skills & Achievements
Distinction awarded for Certificate in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace ( Brunel University)
Consistently scores 94-100% on clinical audits of her outcome management reports.
Mental Health First Aider.
Organisational Lead with Public Health England managing the complexities of the Ebola crisis in 2013.

Meet Kim

Chartered Occupational Psychologist & Associate at Mindshift Consultancy
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Kim Stephenson is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in the psychology and neuroscience of personal finance, financial risk and decision making.

He spent 14 years as an Independent Financial Adviser for commercial organisations including being expatriate tax advisor for private banking and Ultra High Net Worth clients. He qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute and, at the first ever sitting of the exams, gained the Diploma in Personal Financial Services.

Kim is consequently the only person in the world qualified and experienced both in finance and psychology.

He is a founder member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology of the BPS, was a board member of the Division of Psychology and Chief Assessor for Continuing Professional Development for the Division. He is currently a lecturer, tutor and chief assessor for the postgraduate course in neuroscience with the Professional Development Foundation.

He’s involved with various projects on happiness and financial literacy, having worked with the Money Advice Service and Personal Finance Education Group, contributed to the CAB forum on teaching financial capability and is currently involved as a course organiser for the Action for Happiness Charity.

He works with both commercial organisations and charities, helping staff and clients to understand the reasons for dysfunctional money habits and giving practical plans to take control of money.

His driving principle is that money is a simple tool to allow extremely complicated people to build a life that is happy and fulfilling. Sadly, money is, for many people, a burden and source of stress, or causes behaviour that creates guilt and fear, rather than happiness.

Meet Russ

Safe & Sound Personal Resilience Trainer
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Russ Magnall is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. An experienced Police Commander, Russ is fascinated by people and the things they say and do. He's studied what works, and what doesn't, for over thirty years. He knows how the best communicators succeed in any situation, no matter how delicate, destructive or dangerous.

Safe and Sound Training is adaptable to suit different audiences and can be delivered for any organisation, team, group or class. The themes remain the same, what changes is the way in which they are presented. The props, stories, and examples used are always appropriate to the audience demographic and risk assessments are conducted to ensure any safeguarding considerations are met. The course is suitable for young people, frontline staff, supervisors, team leaders, middle managers and senior leader teams in all public and private sector organisations.

Safe and Sound Training equips people with their own individual strategy and is jam packed full of knowledge, skills, tips, tools and techniques to maintain strong mental health and build unshakeable personal resilience and be able respond positively to life’s challenges and thrive, inside and outside the workplace. Safe and Sound Training will help you build a workforce equipped to achieve, where productivity and performance soar and stress, anxiety and days lost through psychological sickness drop.

Russ dedicates his life to sharing his skills, experience and knowledge with others.

Skills & Achievements
Creator of Safe & Sound Personal Resilience Training
Retired Police Inspector & Joint Emergency Services Commander
Structural Dynamics Coach / Wellbeing & Resilience Coach
Winner of The Queens Medal for Good Conduct and Exemplary Performance

Meet Diane

Nutrition Consultant at Mindshift Consultancy
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Diane Stephenson is a graduate of the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London and a fully qualified and insured Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a Registered Nutritionist. She is a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and is registered with the Complementary Natural Healthcare Commission, the UK regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners.

Diane has an extensive knowledge of the nutritional aspects for all matters relating to health and wellbeing, working to understand the underlying causes of problems and not just dealing with the symptoms so improvements are long-term and not a temporary quick fix.

Having been a senior manager for a multinational company she understands the nature of stress and deadlines, eating badly, working late and feeling permanently exhausted.

Her objective is to help people put in place healthy strategies that really fit into their day to day lives.

In addition to seeing individual clients Diane also provides workshops and talks for businesses and works within the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the Training Clinic supporting third year students develop their clinical skills.

Meet Phil

Associate Trainer at Mindshift Consultancy
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Phil Matthews is a qualified teacher with experience in both primary and secondary schools. Whilst he has a master’s degree in civil engineering and an obvious aptitude for science and maths it was the pastoral side of school life that appealed to him the most. He is empathetic and engages well with all age groups in a manner that is informative, accessible and enjoyable and he consistently receives excellent feedback.

In 2016 Phil qualified as an instructor with Mental Health First Aid, (MHFA) England and subsequently set up his own independent company, Ace Wellbeing Associates Ltd. He delivers quality consultancy and training in educational establishments and a wide range of other settings. He is an associate trainer for MHFA England as well as a regular plenary speaker on their train the trainer programmes.

Phil collaborates regularly with Alpha Wellbeing Associates and has developed a number of packages on internet safety and the impact of cyberbullying on mental health. He regularly delivers a range of assemblies on how to promote wellbeing during stressful periods such as exams for schools and runs various workshops for all ages on mental health.

Phil is a lead teacher for Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning which is the in-county version of the National Healthy Schools Programme. This involves ongoing support for teachers and support staff, governors, parents and pupils to achieve healthy environments and promote positive mental health.

Skills & Achievements
MSc Civil Engineering PGCE
Associate trainer for MHFA England, award winner in 2017 for most supportive group and regular plenary speaker
Lead Teacher for Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning

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