A Practical Guide for Occupational Health Practitioners on Consultation and Report Writing

Stigma around mental illness is very much alive within the workplace. Increasing your knowledge and understanding will lead to more compassionate support, positive outcomes and add to the ripple of change.

Aimed especially at those working in the Occupational Health sector, but providing useful insights to those working in Management, Human resources, and Health and Safety, this book brings together the crucial aspects of supporting and managing mental health in the workplace. The author, drawing on her knowledge and vast experience of people and the workplace, generously provides invaluable information and guidance on the subject of mental health.

  • Risk factors for and signs of mental distress
  • Supporting someone experiencing anxiety, depression, self-harming or suicidal behaviour, an eating disorder or psychosis
  • Tips on getting the most of your assessment
  • Useful phrases to use in your report
  • Templates for your notes and your report
  • Adjustments to support a recovery
  • Case studies
  • Detailed stress risk assessment and action plan
  • Recommendations on wider reading
  • Signposting to key resources

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