Mindshift aims to tailor its services to fit with your unique organisational needs. The best organisations look after their staff beyond financial recompense and the workplace is a perfect setting to promote and support good mental and physical health; we spend so much time there! Healthy, valued and supported employees are likely to give more, show up and choose to stay; properly investing in your most important asset is highly likely to bring a return on your investment and so much more.

  • Suss out how your employees feel about working at your organisation … a baseline staff engagement survey should tell you and this also acts as your stress risk assessment.
  • Take feedback seriously and make an action plan… a wellbeing strategy will capture this
  • Implement your action plan and review its effectiveness… do this by tracking sickness absence, retention and regular surveys
  • Educate all staff in stress and mental health awareness with the aim of getting rid of negative stigmatising attitudes… loads of different courses are available through Mindshift
  • Train managers/team leaders to feel confident in supporting any staff experiencing mental distress
  • Lean on us and get a professional medical opinion that can maximise attendance, support the individual and provide legal evidence should you ever face litigation… see our “packages” section
  • Thoroughly explore what risk factors your staff are exposed to regarding work related stress and implement control measures just like you would for physical risk… this is a legal requirement
  • Go beyond this legal requirement and include personal risk factors for stress because this will also affect performance and attendance… Mindshift’s version does this

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